1. I made a game using scratch

2. I made a stop motion animation video.

3. I made a personal blog


1. I can work with photoshop and its features.

2. I am good with expressing my opinion through blogs

3. I can work with any web 2.0 tools make use for it

Areas I can improve

1. I want to work on typing with more insight to prevent spelling and grammar errors.

2. I can work on being organized so i know where all my work is.

3. I can work on not being lazy and having the potential to do work early


1. I want to make a game by using flash before I finish high school.

2. I want to be able to master most web 2.0 tools provided in the school.

3. I want to make my webnode as advanced with some unique features.

4. I want to learn a lot of things so I know going to school isn't a waste