Automation and Robotics

20/09/2013 10:10

The sooner we get into the future, the more the future comes to us. I watched several videos on robots of the future and the new houses of the future. The robots are going to resemble humans in actions and attitude. There are some robots that can do commands without instruction and can communicate with others. There are some that can do your jobs for you. For example: I saw this bot that vacuums the floor for you. The best part about that is that the robot has cameras that can see where the walls and furniture are so that it doesnt hit them and that there is also a sensor so it senses when theres a drop nearby and will prevent itself from falling. There are other robots that can do outside jobs.
This video shows a robot mowing a lawn.



There are also houses that can do jobs as well. Houses that can do your jobs for you in a press of a finger. By doing that simple action, your house is pretty much open to you. I like how easy life can be if people can just relax in their homes while the house does most of the jobs. Its understandable that houses like this would cost millions of dollars because it requires so much time and resources to build and all people need to do to live in houses like these with little jobs to do is to identify themselves with their fingerprints. With all the robotics and electronics as our future, there will be easier lives for people to live in and have a good time. There is a downside to this. When people have become accustomed into living in relaxation, they will become more lazy to do anything for themselves and if the robots and automated house jobs happen to malfunction, they will have no more energy to do jobs for themselves.