11/09/2013 10:18

Copyright is a form of stealing music and videos online from companies. I learned that Canada wasn't taking the rule of copyright as seriously as the United States. But Canada is planning to bump up the rule and to take it more seriously. There are a lot of people who copyright music and videos just for their entertainment and I don't somewhat blame them for that. However, if they sell it to other people for money, that becomes a problem. Not only to the government, but the artists of that music. They spend lots of time making good music and now people just rip them off and sell them. Now I ask myself, "Should copyright be banned from Canada?" Well, the typical teenager or adult spends a lot of time listening to music. Some of them buy it legit off of Itunes or any other music site thats legal and there are those people who illegaly download them off some other site like Youtube MP3 converter. Music is something people enjoy (myself included) and that right I think should not be taken away from them, but copyright is also something I have an issue with. I think copyright should be illegal in Canada and they should enforce that, but I think Itunes or some other legal site should lower the prices down for music so that people can enjoy listening to music without having to pay so much.