Live Feed on the internet

24/09/2013 10:26

I saw some sites that has live feed to traffic cameras in Surrey and its being updated every minute. I was able to see what was happening at surrey's traffic live cams and were able to see how many cars were at each traffic light i looked at. I could also look at other live feeds through the internet on other places in the world in a feature known as Earth Cam. Earth Cam tracks all the cameras in the world and people can see what is going on. This site gives access to live feeds on various places around the world and people watching can see what people are doing from a different place in the world.

 don't like how that it is laggy, meaning that it has a few second delay. It is understandable how not all the places in the world are featured in earthcam for security reasons. No one wants to see a stalker looking at people in times square walking about and doing what they do.