Day after genius hour event

1. What are your thoughts about our celebration of learning?

I think it was a great experience being able to show what I learned to other people. I was not afraid to say that I made some mistakes, but overall I was proud of my work and what I was capable of doing and learning by myself and I plan on continuing with it. I was just a beginner when I first started flash, but as time went by, I was able to learn slowly during each genius hour session. By the time of the event, I was really confident showing anyone the progress I had made in Flash. 

2. How did you feel about it?

I felt that it was good that I have to experience something like this, showing off my work to other people and answering any questions they had about it. It was not an easy assignment to complete, but I had managed to finish it. When I first heard that I had to present my genius hour project, I felt a little nervous because I was not expecting it, but as I progressed with my project, my skills in working with animation in flash grew, and with it my ability to present this project to anyone who was interested.

3. How can it improve?

I think it can improve by getting more people involved in Genius hour sessions and that we can explore more areas in technology to learn about by ourselves. We should also be able to have more days for genius hour sessions to further progress the work we put in for the projects we create and more open subjects and areas where anyone can pick whatever subject they want to learn. More cake too. 

4. Did it help you?

Yes it did help me. It helped me learn about my file and the problems it had. I learned more during the event than I did while I was working on the movie in terms of making back up files. I was also able to learn a new skill in flash in terms of making animations and movies. 

5. Any other thoughts......

I really liked Genius hour because it gives us a chance to learn new areas and subjects by ourselves and show others what we were able to learn all on our own and that we should do this more often. Learning is an evergrowing thing. One cannot simply stop learning. There is always something to learn out there everyday. It just takes an open mind to do so.