Avatar Websites

06/09/2013 10:11

I worked on making avatars from 4 different websites. Each one has its unique feature. The 4 sites were Portrait Illustrator Maker, Dobbleme, Planet Creation, and Rasterboy. I also chose 2 other websites and made avatars based on them.




Portrait Illustration Maker is a different avatar making site compared to the other 3 sites because I was able to put in accessories and it had its own unique style (clothes, hair, etc.) What I liked about it was that I was able to use accessories so that my avatar reflects who I am as a person. Plus, I was able to choose the colour of my background. What I didn’t like about it was that the Background looked kind of plain. I was able to change colour yes, but other sites had better background choices.









Dobbleme is the second site I used to make an avatar. This site is one of the sites that has a background that reflects you (where you want to go or to be) There is a city scene background as well as a field background and many more. This site also has accessories that reflected me in a different way than Portrait Illustration did. What I didn’t like about it was that the avatar was less realistic than the other sites. In my avatar, the hands are just shapes that resembled hands. Plus, the hairstyles don’t look good.






The next site, Rasterboy, in my opinion, is my favourite site to make avatars. In this site, the body is shown, the clothes are more fashionable and stylish, and I like how they make a pose. The expression on the faces of my avatar is a good way to express how I usually express myself in public. The body pose is not plain and simple, like Dobbleme. It actually looks like they are posing for a picture, which looks cool. There wasn’t much about Rasterboy I didn’t like, except for the lack of background.  




Planet Creation is the next site I used to make my next avatar. This site, like the other sites, has its own features and I wanted to keep things interesting so I did not use the same things to express myself. This site is plain, simple, and it only shows your head. Sometimes, plain is simple is good so that is why I like this site. What I didn’t like about it is the lack of styles I could use to make the hair, nose, mouth, etc. 

The other 2 sites I used are













This avatar was made in Activeworlds. This, in my opinion, was a very simple avatar making site. I didn't like that i didn't get to customize my character, which gave me limited actions into creating my avatar. I like the choices they give us, but I didn't like that they gave us originality to customize it and express it the way we wanted it to.

This avatar was created in DudeFactory.com. Unlike the other site I found, this site gave me the option to customize my avatar into a way that it refelcts me in some way. The background also can reflect you. Like in this background, it shows that I am laid back and I like to spend time in my computer talking with friends and playing