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03/10/2013 10:36

Meeting Words:
Meeting Words is a site where people can chat and work on one project in a document. Meeting Words allows different people to access one document and work while chatting for ideas or just for conversation. I like how you can make up a name and choose which colour to represent us so we can tell ourselves apart from the others we’re working with. I also like that the words we type are highlighted so we can tell our work apart from others. I also like some of the features it has (bold, italic, bullet list, indentation, etc.) that could change the look of the work we’re doing. We can also import and export to and from HTML, plain text, computer files, etc.

What I don’t like is that other people can also change your name to something that you didn’t want as a name to begin with. I also don’t like that we don’t have many limits when it comes to doing and editing the work.

Sync-in is not known for me as it is not working.

Titan Pad is highly similar to Meeting Words as it has identical features when it comes to sharing, doing work, chat and sharing, and choosing a name and colour. The one difference I see is that TitanPad allows more export and import options. In meeting words, it didn’t allow export from word, PDF, or open document.

Titan Pad has the same dislikes as meeting words for me when it comes to name changing.

Primary Pad:
Primary Pad is similar to TitanPad and Meeting Words because it can share one work amongst  1 or more people. The chat and the people shown online is shown in numerical value (showing how many are on and how many messages have been sent.  I like how the document is large so that we can show more work as the document takes up the entire window. I also like the home page that shows the feature before we start.

What I didn’t like is that it did not show enough features in the home page.

PiratePad, in my opinion, is my favourite out of all the sites. I like the colour option as it has the most variety. I can also put the document in read-only mode so that no one can edit the work and I also like the full screen version to make it bigger. I also like that you can choose the language to write the work in.

I didn’t like that the import/export option didn’t include word and PDF

I also explored 2 other document sites.

Google Docs

I also explored Google docs and saw that it is an effective document sharing site. I like how anyone in the group can print out the work for whatever reason they have for it and that they can also change the font of the words and the size. I like how they can also organize the wording to make it centered, place it to the left or right.  They can also insert the link and customize the format of the writing

I don’t like that there is no chat box where the people in the group can chat through and think of ideas to write down.


There is a site called that can be accessed through facebook. It gives the option of adding more people into working with you on that one website. I also like how I can add tags into it and also download it into word so I can print it out and edit it myself. Maybe that is why the doc sharing itself doesn’t feature the text and format editing like the one in microsoft word.

I don’t like how there isn’t enough features that can change the document along with the people you work with, but I like the unique features it has, like tagging.