Final Blog

16/01/2014 09:54

This semester has been a very educational semester for me in terms of technology. I have learned a lot more in photoshop in grade 10 than I did in grade 9 and grade 8. This time, I was taught some of the more advance features in photoshop. For example. I learned about inserting pictures in word. Here is a sample of the work I did under this feature

I was really proud of this work because I was able to work with the actual text itself. I used the fx feature in photoshop. I was able to use the fx feature to play around with the text in order to make it look more rough and bulky. After I finished with it, I was able to insert several pictures and put them into the text in order to make a cool effect. I really liked working with the fx feature to make this look really cool. This could be useful in creating logos or symbols for any other product. 

Even though I learned a lot about the fx feature in photoshop, there were other features I did not enjoy learning. There was a small assignment that included adding colour to a greyscale picture. This was a picture I did as part of the assignment. 

The main reason that I did not enjoy doing this assignment was because all I did in this assignment was just turn this picture to greyscale and then add colour to the bricks. I saw this as a bad project because I was not able to explore this feature of photoshop much, plus I learned these features already. I like learning with some originality. 

There were 2 programs that I was able to choose from: scratch and flash. I had chosen to do flash because I found that it was more advanced in terms of creating animation, which was a goal of mine for this semester in info tech. I had a lot of fun learning about flash and how to work its animation on its own. I was able to create a small scene as my project for my flash by using animation. My scene includes 2 people fighting against each other. But I had to made copies of their body parts in order for me to move them to create the animation. 

This is the project I did in flash. I was able to make an animation in this scene. I also did this project for my genius hour. I was really proud of this work because I was able to create this movie all on my own. I was able to create all the motion tween to make these characters move in my movie and I was able to do the fade in and fade out feature (that was my most favourite thing to learn). Not only was this my best project in flash, this was also my genius hour project, so I was able learn all of this with little to no help from anyone. So this was my best project in flash and in my genius hour session. During my session, my worst project is actually this project itself for many reasons: The file actually got corrupted and I did not make a back up file, meaning half of it was erased, meaning I had to spend time putting in that scene again, not to mention add new parts. A second reason was that I had created a lot of new things, but was never able to insert them into the project. I may have a new video in mind of putting in new features as well, such as the moving cloud background. This goes for both Genius hour and flash.

Another thing I learned this year is avatar creation. I can use an online avatar to represent myself on any website I use on the internet. I can also set an avatar when I play on my consoles. I can create avatars when I go on some social media sites, and also on games to represent myself. I learned that using avatars can be contributed to hiding your true identity, as long as the avatar does not resemble me in any way.

This is my favourite avatar because I liked the design they used to create characters such as this, plus I thought it was cool. 

I didnt like this avatar because I found it really uncreative and uninteresting. first, I was only able to edit the head and add minimal accessories. I like full body avatars, but this is too unedited and uncool for me to use cause of minimal freedom of accessorizing. 

The last thing I learned here is document sharing. Using various websites, I was able to work with other people and I was able to play around with the website. Together, we were able to create several pieces of work under one document together. This is my review on all the document sharing sites I used this semester.


Meeting Words.docx (14073)

I learned so many new things in info tech this year compared to last year. I learned more advanced features of photoshop and I was introduced to flash, where I was able to create a scene using motion animation and the fade out feature. I plan on continuing this and mastering flash and to create a sword fighting game.