24/09/2013 10:07

Pinterest is a site with pictures where you can browse for and make boards to organize certain pictures and separate them with others not relating to the picture. I like how you can just go to pinterest and give yourself a good time looking at corny jokes with pictures if you're bored and you can share some of your own pins here and have people follow you and look at your pins. You can also follow other peoples pins if you like what they pin and you can see future pins from them. This is a good way to share pictures that you feel should be shared for the benefit of the people, whether its humour, entertainment, or something else. I like to go on pinterest because I like to see funny pictures and i can pin them for myself so i can just look at them on my profile instead of looking them up again. It's less work for me to just go to my profile and look at the pin instead of looking for them. 
Here is a pin that i found funny