The Matrix series blog 1

24/09/2014 13:24

There were 2 very important questions that were asked yesterday. The first one was what is info tech?

So what exactly is info tech? Info tech can be a lot of things, from creating apps for various technology devices to researching content with the use of the internet for various reasons. I think that info tech is a study of everything that relates to the world of internet. Every aspect of this world relates to info tech. How I see info tech in a specific way is learning about all the forms of technology and how they work. However, this doesn't just apply to hardware. Learning about software is also important because you can't use hardware without software when it comes to technology. 

What does it mean to be a developer?

A developer is someone who develops, but the real question is what is the true meaning behind being a developer? Well first, a developer is someone who creates content inside the internet world for people to enjoy. For example, google and facebook are made by developers who had knowledge of the internet language and to utilize them and convert them into information that people are able to learn. To be a developer is to be an engineer of the internet. To help create the internet to be a world where everyone can communicate or play with each other with ease, even though they live across the world, I am able to talk to them at any time in the internet.