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The Matrix series blog 1

24/09/2014 13:24
There were 2 very important questions that were asked yesterday. The first one was what is info tech? So what exactly is info tech? Info tech can be a lot of things, from creating apps for various technology devices to researching content with the use of the internet for various reasons. I think...

TEst 2

21/02/2014 09:24


21/02/2014 09:22
My name is Mark. 

Final Blog

16/01/2014 09:54
This semester has been a very educational semester for me in terms of technology. I have learned a lot more in photoshop in grade 10 than I did in grade 9 and grade 8. This time, I was taught some of the more advance features in photoshop. For example. I learned about inserting pictures in word....


13/01/2014 10:10
Trello is a program that is used to create and organize schedules. One can create and organize these shedules through calendars, a simple list, etc etc. This is a good way for someone to organize their schedule so they can remember when to do it and that they need to do it. I recently created an...


12/11/2013 09:52
In my opinion, this was one of the coolest assignments I was able to do. Also that I did not add any pictures of my own in order to make this. First I used the cloud render features, then I did difference clouds and inverted them in order to create the lightning. This lightning was made by clouds....

Exploding text

12/11/2013 09:50
For this assignment, I took a phrase and added explosion in the background. For this, I had to write the phrase twice. I took one phrase and I winded it in order to have this effect. I also had to distort it a bit in order to make it seem realistic. After I finished, I took another copy of the same...


12/11/2013 09:44
This picture took a combination of features in order to make. I liked that I didn't have to add any pictures of my own in order to make this. What I did was I made the background purple and I also coloured the clouds I rendered in there in order to make the background more realistic. For the stars,...


12/11/2013 09:42
I used the rendering tool in order to seem that the sun was visible in this picture, even though I never added a picture of the sun in it. By using the rendering clouds feature, I was able to add clouds into the picture and setting the flare to 125% added what looked like a picture of the sun. I...

Fountain gallery

12/11/2013 09:37
This assignment involved me using the filter gallery in order to make each of these pictures seem different according to the gallery I used. I used several types of filter gallery options and I saw that each picture had cool effects. Some looked blurry, some looked near normal, but either way they...
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